The wildest of dreams come true on Panama City Beach property. At Zoo World visitors not only view exotic animals in state of the art habitats but have the opportunity to get up close and personal with a variety of creatures. One of a kind experiences feature the gentlest of animals and the most fearsome.

Get kisses from a long-necked giraffe, cuddle a sloth, hold an alligator and chirp with budgies. All encounters are priced under $40 making these memories more affordable than comparable programs at larger zoos. Mellow giraffes stick their necks out when they bid hello to those standing on the Giraffe Feeding Tower. Guests offering up a lettuce leaf or two are more often than not rewarded with a kiss of gratitude. Sloths are sleepy and love to be cuddled. Slink in slowly and match them pace for pace. Lemurs big on character adore making new friends. Brave buddies gather round for alligator feedings. When the buckets are emptied into the water a frenzy ensues. Those not intimidated may choose to hold one of these fierce relatives of the dinosaurs. Bird watchers find themselves in their own heavenly realm as they enter the aviary. Feathers fly in a colorful array and shoulders and arms become perches as birds seek out snacks in the form of a budgie stick.

Visit the Exotic Animals Calling Panama City Beach Home

Many other forms of wildlife make this their Panama City Beach home. Favorites to visit are bears, lions and tigers. Monkeys mimic each other causing giggles to break out. Youngsters of all ages engage happily with a variety of domesticated farm animals. Feed is available for those who wish to practice being a farmer. Located at 9008 Front Beach Road on Panama City Beach property, Zoo World is open from 9:30 a.m. to 4 p.m. Annual passes are great ways to stay close to the animals. Packages include limitless admission and discounts.