My neighbors Greg and Debbie Noland were on a mission for their dream home in Panama City Beach, Florida. Together we formulated criteria and started the journey.

Within days they found a home exactly where they always wanted to live — south side of S Lagoon Drive. However, due diligence overcame excitement. A major sewerage problem was found with a hefty repair estimate along with several minor problems. The seller was unwilling to negotiate off a list price that was appropriate for a perfect home. So the Nolands walked.

We looked at all available homes in the desired area. Nothing had the same appeal as that first home. Impatiently, we hoped for something new to come on the market. I looked on the MLS every day hoping for something new.

Then, Debbie called me with a home she wanted to look at. It was not in the “must have” area (the previous evening she had once again stressed the area they wanted). The home was vacant so we went at dusk to see it. I submitted an offer by noon the next day.

It was one of three on the table for the seller. We were not the highest offer, but we were the only cash offer. The sellers had just experienced a contract that fell through because of financing. The pre-approved buyer purchased a new vehicle after he had a contrct on the home. Buyers DO NOT DO THIS! The mortgage company denied the loan immediately.

His loss was the Nolands’ gain. The sellers were not willing to risk another failed contract so they accepted my clients’ offer.

Due diligence time again. Everything was good except some confusion at the title company. When the surveyor contacted them about the property, they were told the deal fell through. This caused a delay. Yet another delay as the surveyor waited for additional information from the title company. Then…it rained, hard. For most of the day it was scheduled for the survey which was the day before closing. But it was done by late afternoon with drawing and elevation certificate in hand by midmorning of closing date.

Whew! It was a hurricane paced race from contract to close in only 16 days on 7/1/16, including stormy weather the day before closing.

Congratulations Greg and Debbie!

Thank you Parkers for selling your home to a great couple who loves the home you sold to them. This deal could not have been successful without the help of Bonnie Milstead (listing agent), Jim Musser (home inspector), Arrow Pest Service (WDO inspection), Roger Anglin (surveyor), Mark Stockdale (Diamond Title Agency).