What’s under contract? What sold? What’s available to buy at Laketown Wharf Resort in beautiful Panama City Beach, Florida?

You’re at the right place to find out the answers to those questions.

So let’s dive in and see what’s under contract!

Four are under contract. That’s down from nine last month. Two are one bedroom units, one each Lakeview and Gulfview. The other two are two bedroom units, one Lakeview and one Gulfview.

Under contract numbers are a good indicator of next month’s sold numbers. With only four under contract, that means there will probably be around 4-6 solds next month. The only way it will get higher is if we get some quick cash contracts by the middle of the month. 

This month’s closed sales were 10 condos. I reported 9 were under contract in the last report. See how those numbers are closely related.

At this pace, November closed sales will be only 40% of October sales.

July was the worst month this year but we have seen an increase in sales through October. However we are now taking a downward ride again and could possibly equal that worst month. The ups and down and zigs and zags in this current market is enough to make you sick.

What Sold this past month?

Ten sold. Half were one bedroom condos. I believe the lower price point of one bedrooms, especially Lakeview units make them more affordable for more potential buyers. The corner three bedroom units are popular. With 15 Gulfview and 23 Lakeview total out of 765 condos at Laketown Wharf, they are selling the quickest. I know of another off market sale of one of those Gulfview units. It sold in days!

Two corner Lakeview units sold last month and there are two on the market. 

The weather today is beautiful! It’s a comfortable 74 degrees. We’re on beach time and in no hurry. Condos at Laketown Wharf are like today’s weather. They’re comfortable with a great view and the prices are currently mild. And they don’t seem to be in a hurry to go too far one way or the other.