Congratulations to the Willinghams on the sale of their St. Thomas Square condo at 8730 Thomas Drive, Panama City Beach, Florida! They bought it two years ago for $80,000 and put some work into it and sold it for $119,000. It is the highest selling unit in The Plaza at St Thomas Square since the 08 crash.

They enjoyed two sun-filled, fun-filled years in paradise at Panama City Beach, Florida. However, their lifestyle wants and needs changed. Ron & Jane decided to move back to northwest Georgia and live closer to kids and grandkids, or more likely grandkids and kids.

They didn't strike out although they had two strikes. The first contract was within days of going on the market, but it was contingent upon the buyers selling their property first. Didn't happen. Strike one. Then another contract came in from a couple who sold their Missouri home. They wanted to rent the condo for the six weeks leading up to closing day. Problem: the Willinghams didn't want to move before the property closed. Strike two. Then a cash offer with no contingencies arrived. Home run!

Helping people accomplish their lifestyle goals is what I love about being a real estate advisor. The opportunity to make dreams of living at the beach a reality, having a second home in paradise to enjoy part-time, or geting back to "home". I have the privilege of being a part of an exciting adventure people decide to take, but don't know exactly how to begin and make it happen. That's satisfying to me.

Do you have a yearning for a coastal retreat?

Or want to move to the beach full-time?

A journey begins with the first step. Then knowing the following steps will get you there faster. You don't have to blaze a new trail. I know the path and I can help you arrive at your dream destination.

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