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Nov. 5, 2022

Laketown Wharf Market Report | October 2022

What’s under contract? What sold? What’s available to buy at Laketown Wharf Resort in beautiful Panama City Beach, Florida?

You’re at the right place to find out the answers to those questions.

So let’s dive in and see what’s under contract!

Four are under contract. That’s down from nine last month. Two are one bedroom units, one each Lakeview and Gulfview. The other two are two bedroom units, one Lakeview and one Gulfview.

Under contract numbers are a good indicator of next month’s sold numbers. With only four under contract, that means there will probably be around 4-6 solds next month. The only way it will get higher is if we get some quick cash contracts by the middle of the month. 

This month’s closed sales were 10 condos. I reported 9 were under contract in the last report. See how those numbers are closely related.

At this pace, November closed sales will be only 40% of October sales.

July was the worst month this year but we have seen an increase in sales through October. However we are now taking a downward ride again and could possibly equal that worst month. The ups and down and zigs and zags in this current market is enough to make you sick.

What Sold this past month?

Ten sold. Half were one bedroom condos. I believe the lower price point of one bedrooms, especially Lakeview units make them more affordable for more potential buyers. The corner three bedroom units are popular. With 15 Gulfview and 23 Lakeview total out of 765 condos at Laketown Wharf, they are selling the quickest. I know of another off market sale of one of those Gulfview units. It sold in days!

Two corner Lakeview units sold last month and there are two on the market. 

The weather today is beautiful! It’s a comfortable 74 degrees. We’re on beach time and in no hurry. Condos at Laketown Wharf are like today’s weather. They’re comfortable with a great view and the prices are currently mild. And they don’t seem to be in a hurry to go too far one way or the other.







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Oct. 6, 2022

Laketown Wharf Market Report for September 2022



Hello! What's up, or down, with Lake Town  Wharf prices? If you're looking for answers,  


now you found them. I'm your Laketown Wharf condo  guide Scott Pope. You will get this year's sales  


through the end of September, last month's  listings, pending sales and sold numbers.  


First, Laketown Wharf had 104 sales January  through September. Sales were strong until  


May when they dropped by nearly 75 from the prior  month and they haven't really changed since then.  


Lake Town Wharf is experiencing a 13.6% turnover  rate. Compare that to The Commodore which is at  


6.7% and The Summit which is at 9.3%. Typically  condo complexes in PCB have an annual turnover  


of 9 to 12 percent so Laketown Wharf turnover  is high, especially with three months left of  


the Year remaining. Now as of September the 1st  there are 58 listings for sale. I like to break  


it down more than anyone else because we have  two different views and four different floor  


plans at Lake Town. I suggest that you look  at both the Gulf View and the Lakeview units  


when you schedule your appointment to see  condos here. You may determine that either  


upgrades in a late view versus a Gulf View  needing many upgrades may better suit you.  


Or you prefer the Gulf no matter that the unit  needs a complete refresh. Similarly, you may find  


that you prefer a two-bedroom Lake View rather  than a one bedroom Gulf View for the same money,  


trading view for size. The same great amenities  are available to owners whichever view you own!  


We have nine under contract. There  were eight condos sold in September.


I want to look at the one bedrooms as an example  of why I break down the numbers more than  


anyone else. The Gulfview units are clearly  running around eighty thousand dollars more  


than Lakeview units. However, when you average  them all together generally as one bedrooms,  


you get an average price of three  hundred and thirty nine thousand.  


If you are given this information without knowing  there are different views, then you see some one  


bedroom lake views and think those are underpriced  whereas looking at prices of Gulf views  


you believe that those are all over priced.  I want you to have information worth having.  


Check out some of our Lake Town Wharf  condos offered by clicking on the playlist  


and please like this video and subscribe  to our channel so you won't miss the next  


update and you can get a monthly report on the  latest listings. Questions? Want to schedule a  


Laketown Wharf condo tour? Call your condo guide  Scott Pope at 850-329-5910 See you next time!


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Sept. 14, 2022

Your Next Laketown Wharf One Bedroom Lakeview Condo

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Sept. 5, 2022

What's up With Prices at Laketown Wharf?

Hi my name is Scott Pope, your Laketown 

Wharf condo guide. Here to let you know that


this past month we've had a 30% increase in 

listings. We're up to 66 listings currently.


What's the story behind 66 listings and only 

six sales at Laketown Wharf? First the inventory


has went from low to high and prices went 

from high to higher as shown on the screen.


Now with rising interest rates and the 

volatile stock market, there aren't enough


buyers to sustain the price levels that 

we've seen in Laketown Wharf this year.


They are now reverting back to the price 

levels they were in the spring of this year.


Mind you those were good prices but they aren't 

going to keep going up five, six, seven percent


every month. Competition among similar condos 

is fierce right now. So either your condo must


stand out with amazing features or stand out 

by competitive pricing. For the most part right


now - price sales. Hey! We need a favor from you. 

If you would please subscribe to our channel and


like this video we'd appreciate it. We currently 

have seven pending sales at Laketown Wharf.


Five of those are scheduled to close in September. 

If they do and if we have any additional to close


in September, that will keep pace with what we've 

been doing since May of this year. There were


six sales at Laketown Wharf in July. Three one 

bedroom lake views ranging from $294 to $320,000


and three two bedroom Gulf views ranging from $469 

to $475 thousand. One last thing before we go.


I just want to let you know on Thursday 

Nautical Properties has a big announcement.


We have a third member joining our team! So stay 

tuned to see who that person is. See you then!


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Aug. 1, 2022

Laketown Wharf Market Report July 2022


Laketown Wharf Resort market report on sold condo prices and listings for sale in Panama City Beach. You will know how many condos have sold at LTW recently and what the prices are for condos available to buy. Scott Pope with Nautical Properties presents this informative video so you can be informed about condo unit prices at Laketown Wharf. LTW has one bedroom, two bedroom, and three bedroom condos. There are units that have Gulfviews and some that have lake views. Prices range from $312,000 to $580,000. The Laketown Wharf market report is done monthly, posting on the first of every month.


00:00 Introduction

00:10 Condos Sold in July

01:05 1 Bedroom Condos for Sale

01:36 2 Bedroom Condos for Sale

01:50 3 Bedroom Condos for Sale

02:16 3 Bedroom Corner Condos for Sale

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Scott (Lic Real Estate Broker) has 8 years experience with Panama City Beach condos and real estate. You can contact him: 850-329-5910

Mark (Lic. Broker Associate) has 17 years real estate experience and earning the Graduate, REALTOR® Institute (GRI) designation in 2007.You can contact him: 334-596-1474



(waves crashing)


- Hi, I'm Scott you're condo guide for the day


for Laketown Wharf.


In July sales were slow.


We had a total of eight condos


that went under contract in July,


but can you believe that five of those happened


in the last 10 days of the month?


The best month we had in sales here at Laketown Wharf


was April.


We had 23 sales that month.


Then in May, it went down to six.


June, went down to five, and July we only had four.


Now for the four condo sales in Laketown Wharf in July,


there were two, one bedroom units that were sold.


One was a Gulfview at $380,000.


The Lakeview sold for $320,000.


A two bedroom Lakeview sold for $387,500.


And one Gulfview, three bedroom corner unit


that sold for $550,000.


Before we move on,


please like this video and subscribe to our channel.


So you won't miss the next update.


In May, there were 18 listings,


that number went up to 40 in June


which is slightly more than double from May.


The July listings increased to 51,


which is a 30% increase from June.


Can you believe since May,


the listings have tripled here at Laketown Wharf?


Okay, in July we have 22, 1 bedroom units for sale.


There's 10 Gulfview's at 380,000 to 420,000.


And then there's 12 Lakeview's


ranging from 312,000 to 425,000.


That's three more available in June than in June.


And then there's 17 two bedrooms,


as you can see over here on the side,


nine of which are Gulfview


and the eight other ones are Lakeview.


Now looking at the three bedrooms,


these are the 1,681 square foot condos.


There's seven of those, five of which are Gulfview,


ranging from 549,000 to 580,000.


There's two Lakeview's there from 495,000 to 540,000.


We have almost doubled how many we had from last month.


We went from three last month to seven this month.


On the five corner units we have available now,


there's one Gulfview at 600,000 and four Lakeview's.


So that's what we've got here


at Laketown Wharf this month in July.


Well, that concludes our market report for Laketown Wharf.


Thanks for watching, please like, and subscribe


to our channel, and also look in the links below


or the comments section rather,


and there'll be some links there


for you to follow and get additional information.


This was Scott Pope, your guide for Laketown Wharf Condos.


Thank you very much.

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July 8, 2022

Laketown Wharf Resort Market Report 6/30/22

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Aug. 8, 2019

PCB Gulf Front Condos Market Report


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March 4, 2019

See Palace Sands Palatial Vision for Pools and Grounds

Click Pictures for Larger Size


Many Gulf front complexes have little to no landscaping. Nor did they plan the use of their space very well. They either skimped to pocket more profits, or they just had no vision. But that's not the way Palace Sands' developer operates. His goal is for you to own a crown jewel you'll be proud to display to all your family and friends.

At Palace Sands, they even planned for the owner who arrives in their motorcoach by providing a parking area for them.

The tropical landscaping makes the "Palace" an oasis among the desert compared to other condos.

Palace Sands is going to be palatial. And these renderings of the pool area and the grounds prove it! They were done by EDSA Landscape Architects Fort Lauderdale, Florida. They have four US offices and one in Shanghai, China.

To see more information about Palace Sands condominiums, including floor plans ... click the logo below.


Feb. 11, 2019

STS 1210C Has a Pending Contract

St Thomas Square UPDATE!

STS 1210C has a pending contract. It was only on the market for 13 days. The projected closing Date is 3/8/19

This condo was listed and sold by Scott Pope with Nautical Properties. Since 2014, Scott has sold more units in STS than anyone.

Nautical Properties' office is Suite 1110C at STS. 

If you want to buy or sell a STS condo–go with the onsite expert!

Scott Pope and Nautical Properties.

Interested in buying or selling at STS then call me NOW at 850-329-5910.











This presentation contains images that were used under a Creative Commons License. Click here to see the full list of images and attributions:


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Jan. 30, 2019

Affordable PCB Efficiency Unit in Great Location

The Best kept SECRET in Panama City Beach...St. Thomas Square (STS)! STS is a Grand Lagoon waterfront property with a boat dock and Gulf access–about 20 minutes to the pass. And it's only a block to the BEACH!

This efficiency makes a great beach retreat that can pay for itself when you're not using it. HOA ($410 est.), property taxes ($550 est.), and insurance ($600 est.) is reasonable. It had a $10K renovation a year ago. A new, bright and roomy shower, new vanity with storage, new flooring, painted, keyless entry handset, and kitchenette. It has a sitting area with new loveseat that you won't find in any other efficiency. It's fully furnished and ready for both personal enjoyment and profit.

This unit grossed $8050 in 2018! It rented for $75 a night during high season.

The last efficiency sold was not furnished, not updated, and the kitchenette was a wreck (see MLS 678142).

You can see all St Thomas Square condos for sale HERE!

See more pictures of STS 1210C



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